What do you do to a vast frontage on a building awaiting demolition/redvelopment in a brand new town centre. Well we thought public art was the answer and it’s hard not to miss the incredible scale and vibrancy of the artwork by Open Call winner Shiraaz Ali blooming across the facade of the old army barracks in Bordon’s hub. The designs and artwork take inspiration from the new green space at Hogmoor and its many unique qualities such as the native animal and plant species. The animals on the facade represent the beauty within the region and its local wildlife such as the deer, badgers, birds and many more. The living vertical green wall and artworks have created a new urban green node and acts as a green pathway connecting the new town centre amenities to the surrounding Prince Phillip Park and Woolmer forest.

A crucial part of the vision was that the artwork was in part designed by the people it was made for. The artwork features over 50 panels created by the Whitehill & Bordon community. Using paint, pencils, collage, photography or any other medium, local residents became part of the vision and made a mark on their community by submitting their artwork to be included.